Tuesday, April 16, 2013


02_Submit to Kingston University London

These are comments from professor. 

Brinking : I really liked this idea - your presentation and the idea of future usage. It suggested ways to use resources, which could have wider applications - it’s about a new way of thinking and you should look to explore this a little more in your presentation. Some of the images look so interesting but a little like a biology textbook. Keep them but add some visuals that inspire future thinking and human use? Really like your project – well done.
Simone : Funny that i thouhgt he images were design oriented more than biology ^^, adding some visuals that engage the social side of breathing+drinking is a good suggestion. Study the liquid that cna be introduced in the lungs to breath in heavy pressure deep sea. to breathe is a good way to intake additives (from drugs to scent and therefore taste) How about a container for your idea difficult? it could be a one cubic meter of air=a tiny glass of water diagram, a proportion of a real size glass and the volume of humid air i need to contain it (vapor size and pressure vs ice vs liquid) Advantages of vapor vs liquid vs solid state.