Wednesday, June 12, 2013

06_Final Movie


This is final movie in 3:00 minute. This contains Brinking system controller UI and container real mock-up. And it shows the real usage in real life with picture.

"Brinking system"

05_Controller UI

05_Controller UI

This is UI for controller brinking system. This will be shown the retina of each person directly. It can control filtering each sort of liquid and controlling each private container. And the user knows present status that the body how much have liquid each liquid through this system.

Controller system in retina

Friday, April 19, 2013


04_Application idea-02

The private part will be reinforced. The previous system change whole the room atmosphere. So each person can not keep their each taste. This system is organized two parts. At first, the public space container. In normal drinking place in present will be change to gas supporting system with pipe. And they support to customer with gas form. Second, the private system is equipped to individual person's nose hole like a nose piercing.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


03_Application idea-01

Rechargeable docking system with vapor (Liquor, Beverage, Medicine, etc). The dock part of docking system is connected supporting pipe and this system will be installed each every individual home kitchen. This system is based on Boyle's law and Charles's law. The gas volume will be ZERO in the absolute temperature (-273℃). This is just theory situation but in the future, technique will make this one. Not ZERO, but close. So, the transporting and containing vapor form will be limitless in future in this situation.


02_Submit to Kingston University London

These are comments from professor. 

Brinking : I really liked this idea - your presentation and the idea of future usage. It suggested ways to use resources, which could have wider applications - it’s about a new way of thinking and you should look to explore this a little more in your presentation. Some of the images look so interesting but a little like a biology textbook. Keep them but add some visuals that inspire future thinking and human use? Really like your project – well done.
Simone : Funny that i thouhgt he images were design oriented more than biology ^^, adding some visuals that engage the social side of breathing+drinking is a good suggestion. Study the liquid that cna be introduced in the lungs to breath in heavy pressure deep sea. to breathe is a good way to intake additives (from drugs to scent and therefore taste) How about a container for your idea difficult? it could be a one cubic meter of air=a tiny glass of water diagram, a proportion of a real size glass and the volume of humid air i need to contain it (vapor size and pressure vs ice vs liquid) Advantages of vapor vs liquid vs solid state.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


01_Concept Processing

This is the future scenario project about "The future of liquid". I think about water will be exhuasted in the future. I make idea that using humidity in the air. Using the nano machine in the lung, and absorb in breathing cycle into blood vessel.(into blood directly) It is can not be worked technology in right now, but it is future idea possibility.